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Join us for a fun musical learning experience. Classes meet once a week for group lessons and each semester culminates with a concert for parents. No prior musical experience is necessary.

Classes take place at your school directly after the school day ends. Classes are offered to 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders with the exception of Montclaire, Regnart and Stevens Creek elemetaries. Classes at Montclaire, Regnart and Stevens Creek are available to 4th and 5th graders. The cost of each semester is $230 and students will need to rent their instrument.

We will provide parents with a list of local music stores in order to obtain their instrument. If you have questions call Keith Pennings at 408 624-6196.

We want to let you know that it may be possible for some people to receive reimbursement for band tuition costs through a Dependent Care program through their employer or in conjunction with a Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account (DCFSA). Several parents have contacted us about these opportunities and so, we want to let you know about these program that may be able to help you save costs when it comes to your child. You should ask your employer or your CPA if you qualify. 

If you wish to receive a receipt for your tuition cost, please email the name or your child along with a request for a receipt to Keith Pennings at keithpen1961@gmail.com. Please write "Receipt Request" in the subject line and give us five days to respond to your request. Note: We are not CPAs and do not provide legal tax advice. You should always consult your personal CPA or employer for the instances stated above.



We want to instill a solid foundation of the basics of playing an instrument and therefore hold two weekend classes before we begin the after-school classes. We want students and a parent to attend these weekend session. We will offer several times for you to choose from in order to accomodate your schedule. 

The beginning band weekend classes will begin the weekend of September 29th.

After the weekend sessions, the rest of the classes will take place at your school beginning the week of October 15th.



The intermediate band classes will begin the week of September 17th (with the exception of Regnart and Stocklmeir) and take place directly after school at your child's school. Intermediate classes at Regnart and Stocklmeir will begin on Friday September 28th.


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